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De-Installation under Windows

De-Installation of the NumericalChameleons since Version 2.0.0

Run the System Control and select "Software", select the entry called NumericalChameleon. In this example, the NumericalChameleon 2.0.0 should be deinstalled.

Control Panel

Click on Uninstall. The uninstaller will start, it has been created during the installation:


Click on Uninstall and watch the progress of the deinstallation.

Uninstall done

Click on Close. The NumericalChameleon has been removed residue-free.

Note: The user data of the NumericalChameleon (Favorites for units, user preferences, etc.) are not touched by the deinstallation. If you install a later version of the NumericalChameleon, those files can be reused.

If you want to remove also the user data of the NumericalChameleon, you need to remove the folder called ".NumericalChameleon" which is stored in the user directory by default.

De-Installation of the NumericalChameleon up to version 1.6.0

Select Start  / All Programs / NumericalChameleon / NC Uninstall

Alter Uninstaller

Click on Deinstall:
Alter Uninstaller fertig
Click on Quit.





The Team

The founder of this project is Johann N. Löfflmann from Germany. Since 2001 he has been working with talented people all around the world in order to improve the NumericalChameleon, and learning new areas of knowledge. The list of contributors can always be found in the latest download package and in the copyright section.

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