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Version 2.1.0 (01.07.2018)

o updated a plugin only:
   - added syllables recorded by a female human in order to speak the clock in German

Version 2.1.0 (24.06.2018)

o updated the .dmg only:
  - bundled Java Runtime Environment 10.0.1 for Mac with time zone database 2018e applied

Version 2.1.0 (17.10.2017)

o compatibility changes:
  - The NC 2.1 has been made compatible with Java 9.
  - The NC 2.1 requires Java 8 or later. Java 6 and 7 are not supported anymore.
  - removed all Look and Feels where the developer abandoned (see also removed libraries)

o new features:
  - is now enabled for the nc-admin.exe launcher
    in order to use proxy settings from the system by default on Microsoft Windows
  - on macOS the system proxy settings are being recognized if Java 9 is used
  - on both GNU/Linux and macOS the environment variables http_proxy resp. HTTP_proxy and
    no_proxy resp. NO_PROXY are being recognized on startup
  - text in notice area is saved and restored automatically
  - added JTattoo Look and Feel that comes with a lot of great modern themes
  - localization bundle is now part of the update center so that localization changes
    can be delivered faster
  - one new category: (music) note values
  - two new groups: music and liquids
  - added decades and centuries to the time difference dialog
  - added Morsecode (classic and Apple Watch) to category spoken numbers

o graphical improvements:
  - splashscreen has got both rounded edges and a shadow
  - nicer images for the favorites
  - swap button is now between source and target
o fixes:
  - fixed: unsaved text in notice area gets lost if not saved explicitly
  - fixed: combobox resizing didn't happen on first start of the app
  - fixed: Google calendar does not accept our .ics due to missing escape chars
  - fixed: .ics should use CRLF as the endline sequence according to RFC 5545
  - fixed: non-privileged user can open the update dialog which will fail
  - fixed: nc launcher script on GNU/Linux and macOS didn't accept parameters
  - fixed: setting sci figures can be selected if Roman Numerals has been loaded
  - fixed: typo in unit description USB SuperSpeed+

o internal improvements: 
  - gathering latest tzdata info from rather
    than from
  - reading (modern format) rather than (old format) in
    order to get the principal location for each time zone
  - removed own implementation of the Splashscreen and rely only on the Splashscreen
    functionality from the JRE

o removed libraries:
  - removed JGoodies Looks (latest version is not free of charge anymore)
  - removed JGoodies Common (latest version it is not free of charge anymore)
  - removed Kunststoff LnF (abandoned)
  - removed Metouia LnF (abandoned)
  - removed Squareness Look and Feel (abandoned)

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Das Team

Der Gründer dieses Projektes ist Johann N. Löfflmann aus Deutschland. Seit 2001 arbeitet er in seiner Freizeit mit talentierten Menschen aus aller Welt zusammen, um das NumericalChameleon weiter zu verbessern und neue noch unbekannte Wissensgebiete gemeinsam zu erschliessen. Die Liste von Mitwirkenden finden Sie stets im neuesten Download und in der Copyright Sektion.

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